Midwinter Fantasy: New Age Tailored Suits

Midwinter Fantasy: New Age Tailored Suits

Midwinter Fantasy: New Age Tailored Suits

A bohemian trip into nature is a fantastical match for this season’s creative twist on suiting styles

A bohemian trip into nature is a fantastical match for this season’s creative twist on suiting styles

Photography: Solve Sundsbo

Styling: Gro Curtis

Text: Michelle Diaz

This feature appears in VMAN 47 now available for purchase.

Everything that you thought you knew about how tailored suits should look and how they should be styled can be thrown out the window. The way suits are put together has been revolutionized and people in the fashion industry are thinking more outside of the box when it comes to the classic tailored suit. Gone are the days where a tailored suit was considered to be understated or even unimaginative at times. We now welcome flamboyancy into the realm of tailor made suits and it will never go back to how it was. 

A tailored suit now can be styled with feathers at the cuffs and made out of a polka-dot print. We can take notes from the past and style a suit with a flowy white Victorian-esque blouse with button cufflinks. A blazer can be paired with a full-length skirt and cowboy boots. The mood is to always wear what feels right and makes you walk a little more confidently. 

All clothing and accessories Gucci.
All clothing and accessories Dior Men. On face Clarins Men After Shave Energizer.
All clothing and accessories Emporio Armani.

“The Emporio collections are marked by a clear reference to the fits and shapes of my own personal experience in the 80s: an unforgettable period, to which I refer without nostalgia. Moreover, this year, Emporio will celebrate its 40th anniversary: an important milestone that has made me look back to my roots, reinterpreting the loose fits, the deconstructed shapes, the interplay of the masculine, the feminine, and the colours with the spirit of today," said Giorgio Armani.

All clothing and accessories Louis Vuitton.

“In progressive times that celebrate non-conformity, normality is often deemed undesirable in the context of self-expression: Who wants to look normal?" said Virgil Abloh.

All clothing and accessories Burberry.

“This collection is all about the confidence of modern masculinity and a celebration of the freedom of fluidity. At its core, the collection is very British and eccentric, where a man can wear a suit or a bomber, a dress or tight trousers, and even embroidery. He can mix these styles and be playful, and always confident in what he is wearing,” said Italian designer Riccardo Tisci, who currently is the Chief Creative Officer of Burberry.

All clothing and accessories Tom Ford. On hair Acqua Di Parma, Styling Clay Medium Hold.

“There is a nod to the ‘60s and even the ‘80s in the collection, and a little bit of Paul Simonon of The Clash, as he made it onto the mood board this season multiple times. Double or single-breasted jackets. Military coats. Shorter pants worn with boots or a 1960s loafer. This mix of casual and dressed pieces will be a legacy of the pandemic for a few seasons,” said American designer Tom Ford. 

All clothing Versace, Ring Bulgari. On face SERUMKIND Black Blossom Drop.

“When I think of the cool guys of today, that’s how I envision them. Wearing a sleek, fitted suit featuring the new Versace La Greca signature, bold accessories, and colors. I love the fact that they are not afraid to dare and play with clothes. That is the essence of fashion!," said Italian designer Donatella Versace.

All clothing and accessories Prada.

“The collection is physical—the clothes hold the body and invite the touch. Which has a deep resonance in a moment when everything is so digital, so ephemeral. The silhouette focuses on the physique, on the form, and there is a physical freedom; the body is liberated," said Miuccia Prada.

“In this moment, we miss tactility, we miss touch. There is a comforting feeling of humanity and the senses—the clothes reflect that. There is a very intimate side to the clothes, [almost like] the naked body. It’s about this human need [for] sensuality," said Raf Simons.

All clothing Amiri, Jewelry Bulgari.

“This collection is a hybrid evolution of formal and informal codes. Luxurious materials are contrasted with or made into the everyday, which mirrors DTLA’s artistic hubs: from the streets to the galleries. There’s a focus on comfort while still allowing a chance to dress up. Suits with sneakers, luxurious knits, and loose-fitting jeans," said American designer Mike Amiri.

All clothing and accessories Rick Owens.

“Flamboyance and craft with a baseline of formality felt like the right move after a period of suppression," said Rick Owens.

All clothing and accessories Thom Browne.
All clothing and bag CELINE HOMME by Hedi Slimane, Bracelet Tiffany & Co.

The men of today aren’t afraid to dabble in color or experiment with prints. The non-conformist climate that we live in speaks volumes in the clothing that we choose to wear. No one wants to be deemed as “normal” and self-expression is highly encouraged. 

This feature appears in VMAN 47 now available for purchase.


Makeup Rachel Thomas (The Wall Group)

Hair Shon Hyungsun Ju (The Wall Group)

Model Jonas Glöer (Viva London)

Production Sally Dawson, Paula Ekenger

Casting Director Shaun Beyen (Plus Three Two)

Digital technician Lucie Rowan

Photo assistants Samuel Stephenson,

Sebastian Kapfhammer, Hristo Hristov

Stylist assistant Emma Bundy

Retouching Digital Light Ltd


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