Adidas | Missoni: the Colorful Collaboration Is Out Now

Adidas | Missoni: the Colorful Collaboration Is Out Now

The Italian luxury heavyweight and the German athleticwear brand joined forces on a colorful collab.

The Italian luxury heavyweight and the German athleticwear brand joined forces on a colorful collab.

Text: Reshmi Kaur Oberoi

With soaring temperatures interspersed between spring showers, collaboration between the outdoorsy athletic wear from Adidas and traditionally colorfully cold weather knits from Missoni, couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The pieces drop today, April 24, but only in Missoni stores and online. You’ll have to wait until April 25 before you can purchase the exclusives from Adidas online.

Hints of the collaboration have been dropped with two consecutive black-and-white photos posted to Instagram. One is of a portrait of Ottavio Missoni, an Italian Olympic hurdler who was a finalist in London, 1948. A pioneer in athleisure and sportsman sponsors, Ottavio teamed up with his coach to create knit tracksuits with a handy zip closure running along the ankle. If that was not enough, Missoni posted a mirage of a mid-run high school photo snapped a decade earlier when he had set an unbroken 60-year national record: Hashtag #goals.

The collaborative effort enables you to set the goal- to acquire a piece of the collection - by setting up a stopwatch timer to count down the now less than a “day(s)”, “hours,” “minutes”, and “seconds.” Well, as of 6:30 AM EST, Missoni released a male and female model duo, mid-run in opposite directions, sporting black-and-white patterned long-sleeve tops and shorts as well as thick, white-soled Adidas Ultra Boost.

In addition to apparel with Adidas Running, the three Ultra Boost models, with a base price of $180, will resurface with Missoni’s signature multi-chromatic patterning at $250 a piece. The Ultra Boost running shoe model has traditionally been associated with different collaborative efforts - the most recent is with Game of Thrones.

As of 8:30 AM EST, Missoni released another Instagram post – this time a video and less of a descriptive caption and more of an elaboration on the spirit behind the collection: (E)motion – combining “emotion” with “motion,” or a traditionally armchair-trait of invoking inspiration from one’s self-inhabited feelings and thoughts, with athletic movement or the sportsman’s equivalent. ADIDAS | MISSONI (E)motion can be an inspiration: run the tradition."Baba O'Riley" by The Who is credited with the video’s soundtrack.

Running is marketed as a lifestyle: one person is shown running with her dog on a leash, another with a bouquet of flowers, another runs in place, while another has no qualms about getting his Adidas running shoes doused in a city puddle – speaking to consumers’ everyday lives.

Whether stopping mid-run to understandably tie your laces with a water hydrant as a footrest, taking a breather at the water fountain, or hail a cab for the duration of your day post-movement, the Adidas | Missoni pairing accentuates the fluidity of movement from Ottavio’s era. In an era where fitness is equivalent to a boutique class, or a punishment for eating, the collection instead emphasizes movement as an essential part to being human. The collective spirit of moving smartly, efficiently, and in the right form of apparel makes the limited edition items a must-have for anyone and everyone.

Click through the slideshow below to see the full collection.

Photo courtesy of Missoni


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