New Guards of the Nordic: P.L.N

The raw-edged craftsman

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At the heart of P.L.N. is a loyalty to craftsmanship, an asset Peter Lundvald Nielsen has kept at the forefront of his brand since its inception. “I like materials that are sturdy and will stand the test of time,” says the Denmark-born designer. “[Materials] that will not only last a lifetime but will be possible to pass on for generations.” Nielsen’s first introduction to the industry was through his brother’s fashion magazines, beacons of creativity that stood out during their suburban childhoods.

“Our community was always very sports oriented, so creativity wasn’t the obvious choice,” says Nielsen, who started his design journey in high school. “My brother showed me that it was okay to be different in the environment we grew up in.” Now, Nielsen experiments with textures and shapes in everything from slouchy bags to full-length coats. “I like the possibilities that lie within working with a specific material, getting to know its strengths and weaknesses,” he explains. And he limits his collections to no one. “It’s a very conscious decision for me to create clothes that are not gender specific,” he says. “P.L.N. is available for anyone who wishes to wear my pieces and will always be just that.”

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