Meet the model and budding artist who’s a descendant of Hollywood royalty.

Whether soaking up the sun in Kauai or dominating the Parisian catwalks of fashion week, Paris Brosnan has got the world in the palm of his hand. As the second-born son to actor Pierce Brosnan and journalist Keely Shaye Smith, the 20-year-old speaks to VMAN about his many passions in life, as he gets captured through the lens of photographer Damon Baker and styled by fashion director Nicola Formichetti.

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VMAN: For our readers who might not know you (yet!), tell us about yourselfwhere are you from?

Paris Brosnan: Born in Santa Monica California, raised in Malibu. I [now] reside in Los Angeles and Kauai.  

VM: What were you like as a kid?

PB: Bold, passionate, and creative

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VM: What’s your personal relationship with fashion? 

PB: My relationship with fashion is intimateIt’s been present my entire life. I grew up in a stylish family. I’m grateful [to have] been introduced to many creatives and friends through fashion work. 

VM: Aside from modeling, what’s something else that you’re passionate about?

PB: Right now, I’m passionate about my art. I’ve been painting at home all through quarantine and it’s proven to be a great release and outlet for self-expression. It’s nice because I don’t do it for anybody but myself. And if people like it, that’s just a bonus.  Everything I paint just comes to mind on the spot. I pull inspiration from the greats, but don’t we all? I’m continuing to learn more and enjoy the process. I hope to do a gallery showing soon. 

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VM: What inspires you in life?

PB: Good people who do good things and help others. My family, my friends. Good movies, good music, art, the ocean. A lot of things inspire me. I get inspired every day, it’s about acting on that inspiration and doing something with itthat’s the hard part. 

VM: What’s something about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

PB: I support and invest in young independent designers, artists, and creatives. 

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VM: How did the onset of the global pandemic change your outlook on life and/or work?

PB: The pandemic made me appreciate my family, friends, and all the love around me. As well as our essential workers and those giving their lives to help others in need. 

VM: What’s the first thing you’re going to do after coming out of quarantine?

PB: I’m going to keep painting and making art!

VM: Where do you see yourself going in the next 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish?

PB: I see myself working alongside good people and like-minded creatives. Making art, staying inspired, staying healthy, graduating film school, and being in the ocean as much as possible!

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