Next Wave: Serbia

Next Wave: Serbia

Next Wave: Serbia

An indulgence into nature with photographer Danilo Pavlović.

An indulgence into nature with photographer Danilo Pavlović.

Photography: Danilo Pavlović

Styling: Petar Trbovic

Text: Trishna Rikhy

For VMAN45we continued our ongoing series of burgeoning photographers capturing the best winter looks in four global creative hubs with a trip to the Balkan Peninsula.

Photographer Danilo Pavlović took his lens to the mountainous ridges of Tara, Serbia to capture the highest fashion of the highest peaks—Maison Margiela, Dior, Burberry and Armani grace wintery, brumal bodies styled by Petar Trbović, creating picture-perfect stillness in the nature of our roots.

“Tara is a specific, fairytale type mountain, with the outlines of something mystical, something old,” said Pavlović. “An untacked, powerful place—nature in its purest form.”

The photographer, who got into the fashion industry by shooting model cards and portraits after being “dead broke” while pursuing psychology and arts, emphasizes the serenity of nature in the shoot—the magic in the stillness, the energy of the outdoors.

“2020 took us all by surprise,” he said. “We had to learn to live in the moment and to appreciate the nature and outdoors much more, as the lockdown was our new reality. This photoshoot is representing our going back to roots, going back to nature.”

Maintaining one’s roots is quintessential to Pavlović, whose passion for fashion photography came organically. The advice he would give to his younger self, just getting started in the industry? To simply take it easy—let everything come together in its right place.

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but you really need to stay true to yourself.”

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From left to right:
Srdjan wears all clothing Emporio Armani FW20
Belt stylist’s own
Ljubiša wears all clothing Giorgio Armani FW20

Srdjan wears all clothing Dior Men FW20
Shoes Giorgio Armani FW20
Jewelry and belt stylist’s own

Ljubiša wears all clothing, shoes, socks Maison Margiela FW20
Brooches (on coat) stylist’s own

Srdjan and Ljubiša wear all clothing Burberry FW20
Belts and jewelry stylist’s own

Ljubiša wears full look Alexander McQueen and gloves stylist’s own.

Ljubiša wears scarf and pants Giorgio Armani and Srdjan wears pants Salvatore Ferragamo and hat and belt stylist’s own.


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