Not Your Average Superhero: Superplastic x KidSuper

The exclusive two-figurine drop follows KidSuper’s work for the brand’s 2022 NFT collection.

Known for its innovation and optimal positioning in the world of luxury toys, music, fashion, and even Web3, Superplastic is now announcing a collaboration with famed designer and artist Colm Dillane of KidSuper. The collection which is aptly named KidSuperplastic draws upon Dillane’s childhood for inspiration, while colliding with Superplastic universe superheroes, Janky and Guggimon. 

Superplastic’s beloved limited edition soft vinyl art toy is cleverly reimagined and decked out in KidSuper original designs. You can also keep up with Kidsuperplastic and all his adventures in the original, digital comic “The Amazing KidSuperplastic: The Hero No One Asked For.” Watch as Kidsuperplastic saves the day by helping Superplastic-veteran Janky out of a predicament.

Although this is the first physical manifestation of collaboration, this isn’t the first time Dillane has worked with Superplastic. Just last year, he reimagined the iconic synthetic celebrities Janky, Dayzee & Guggimon and reformed them as superheroes for Superplastic’s last NFT collection. 

The Chief Creative Officer of Superplastic, Galen McKamy, praised KidSuper’s boundless creativity and shared his excitement for the release. 

“Our brands have similar vibes regarding aesthetics and high quality-limited goods, and we both draw inspiration from art and comedy. We set out to create something entertaining and kind of funny,“ said McKamy. “KidSuperplastic is the hero no one really asked for.”

Dillane designed two distinct 8-inch Chop Chop figurines; one styled in classic KidSuper fashion and the other wearing the designer’s signature desert landscape. landscape. Both figures come with a flowing cape fit for any superhero and hold a real, removable paintbrush, engraved with KidSuperplastic – a detail made to unleash the buyer’s own creativity. 

“I wanted to design a product that inspires people to create,” explained Colm Dillane, who is both a recipient of the 2021 LVMH Prize and co-designer for Louis Vuitton’s F/W 23 menswear collection. “With this in mind, every KidSuperplastic figure was intentionally designed to include a fully usable paintbrush that is symbolic of this and the idea that anyone can create their own world.”

Beginning Feb. 22, KidSuperplastic will retail for $130 online on and at official Superplastic stores. KidSuperplastic Desert edition will be available exclusively at Superplastic’s NYC retail store and will retail for $150. 


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