Oakley Levels Up Their Capabilities With The Release of Innovation Helmet, MOD7

The gear giant lead designer and Team Oakley athletes discuss the technology of the house’s newest offering

I don’t know much about skiing or snowboarding, but I do know a thing or two about style. If there’s one thing Oakley is beginning to capture more than ever now, it’s being the king of cool on the slopes. Every goggle, every suit, every little bit of gear that you can imagine some of the greats of the snow sports are using are bound to be by Oakley, and what’s even more impressive is how good these athletes look while using the house’s innovative offerings. But what’s the latest in a string of releases that is propelling Oakley into another realm of possibilities? The new MOD7 helmet. Helmed as the first-of-its-kind with new integrated visor technology, the helmet challenges even their own high-performance snow products from over the last six years. For this helmet, think of the ultimate security, done in the most stylish way possible. The lens magnetically connects and secures the visor itself while in riding and stowed positions, allowing snow sport aficionados to easily detach and store away the visor when not in use, which is also done with the lens seal adjustment and eject that allows a more custom, adaptive fit and ease of control, while vents at the top of the helmet allow for cooling down while getting your sweat on—and an overall sleek design that’s less bulky on the head but still protects in a 360 approach,


Oakley lead designer Bradley Parker on what makes the MOD7 launch unique:

“It took a huge group of people back at Oakley from the product department, VPL, UX research, design, engineering, and athletes just to bring a new look at helmets. We’re the world’s best optics company, and we thought ‘How can we take what we make best and integrate it a seamless design into a helmet that’s functional for people?’ And that’s how MOD7 was born. So within our products, seven is our halo piece, and we’re really excited to see how we’re going to push the boundaries–not just in helmet safety, but with optics integration into our products which nobody can touch.”

Team Oakley athlete and pro-skier & snowmobiler Logan Pehota on contributing to the design of the helmet:

“I think it’s been like three years in the making. There are definitely projects that come up and then fizzle out, and this one made it all the way. I just told OakleyI didn’t want to wear something dorky and we made it look cool. There were a lot of helmets before this that didn’t look very cool and nobody was going to wear them. I was like pretty skeptical at the start, but now I’m wearing it and it looks cool and everybody on the slopes is like ‘what is that?’ It’s crazy.”

The new MOD7 Helmet by Oakley is available to order on OAKLEY.com

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