Oliver Tree Talks His New Single "Bury Me Alive"

Oliver Tree Talks His New Single "Bury Me Alive"

Oliver Tree Talks His New Single "Bury Me Alive"

Along with his new track, Oliver Tree announced his first and last album 'Ugly Is Beautiful' will drop next month.

Along with his new track, Oliver Tree announced his first and last album 'Ugly Is Beautiful' will drop next month.

Text: Sam Ford

Oliver Tree, the bowl cut-haired, alternative indie artist who's music goes in and out of hip-hop beats and punk-rock punches, was "mysteriously hacked" on Instagram earlier in May. The hacker deleted all of the account's photos and would only let up once one million comments were posted in exchange for the release of Tree's official art and release date for his upcoming album. After 24 hours and one million comments, the hacker was defeated and the album, Ugly Is Beautiful, will be dropping June 12th as Oliver Tree's first and last album.

On Wednesday, Tree released a new song and music video dubbed "Bury Me Alive". The party-like track's video is nothing short of strange, and was entirely shot on his SnorriCam in one night. But Tree's obscure persona—prevalent in his most recent video—is what makes himself and his sound differ from the mainstream.

VMAN Can you tell me more about the hacker incident?

Oliver Tree The person who held me hostage was a complete amateur to say the least. It was extremely apparent that this guy was definitely not a professional, rather a crazed super fan who desperately wanted my album Ugly is Beautiful to come out. It was a super scary experience and I’m thankful to still be alive.

VMAN What were some inspirations for the new track and video "Bury Me Alive"?

OT I directed the music video and filmed it myself with a camera strapped around my waist. I made the video with a whopping $6 budget which was spent on balloons and Play Doh for the prosthetics. The song was heavily influenced by the 90’s east coast hip hop and boom bop, as well as the 2000 smash hit “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz. The song is a great example of fusing together genres that don’t necessarily belong together. True juxtaposition at its core.

VMAN What and who are some inspirations for your music and persona in general?

OT My biggest influences are David Bowie, Sacha Baron Cohen, Gorillaz, Flying Lotus, Eric Andre, and magicians such as David Blaine and of course Criss Angel’s earlier stuff.

VMAN How have you been spending your quarantine? What are some ways you've been trying to stay creative?

OT I’ve been scootering everyday working on new tricks. I wrote half a screenplay, have been painting some shitty paintings and of course I also finally finished my debut album Ugly Is Beautiful which is coming out June 12th. It only took me 5 years to complete so it’s a long time coming.

VMAN What's coming next with your music? Can you tell me more about Ugly Is Beautiful?

OT This is both my first album and my last album as Oliver Tree. Ugly Is Beautiful is about trying to teach people how to learn to love themselves. Our entire lives, society teaches us that we’re not good looking enough. We’re indirectly taught from a very young age that perfection exists but you’re the only person who was born with flaws. It’s done through photoshop, make-up, and lighting but it’s not real life. Ugly Is Beautiful is about embracing the things that make us unique, both in looks and how we act. No matter how strange you look, no matter how ugly you feel some days, you are fucking beautiful.


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