Peek Inside Patrick Gibson’s Fashion Week Photo Diary

Peek Inside Patrick Gibson’s Fashion Week Photo Diary

Follow Patrick Gibson on his journey during Milan Fashion Week Men's.

Follow Patrick Gibson on his journey during Milan Fashion Week Men's.

Text: Staff

You may not figure this from his role on the hit show The OA, but Patrick Gibson is a fashionista at heart, exemplified most when he took on Milan Fashion Week Men's in style, hitting up Fall 2018 shows from DSquared2, Kenzo, and more iconic Italian designers. The actor documented his experiences at MFW Men's just for VMAN, answering our questions about the adventure and taking photos with his crew from the shows and beyond. See his experience from his words and mementos below, and if you haven't already, check out his self-directed video from Fashion Week and the DSquared2 show.

What was the process like being cast as Steve Winchell, The OA’s troubled bully?

I remember the process being quite long and drawn out. I was so passionate about the character and the material from the day I read episode one so it really became my world exploring this character. It’s strange when you invest a lot of yourself into something, knowing all the while that there is a chance you won’t be playing it in the end. I finally went to New York and met with Brit and Zal and had an amazing meeting discussing Steve and doing some scenes with Brit. There was something magical in that room.

How did you feel when you first sat down to read the script?

I was totally taken by it from the start. It definitely took me a couple of reads to unpack it and it really requires some careful in-depth reading to pick up on the multilayered narrative that Brit and Zal create. It’s so rare to see a blend of raw, complex characters and a plot that is so propelling. It was very exciting.

What was it like working alongside Brit Marling?

Brit is a truly incredible person. She really lives and breathes OA in the purest sense. I see so much of that character in her. I’ll never forget one of the days we shot the attic scenes, listening to her telling the story of her captivity. It was transportive. I don’t think there was a person in the room who didn’t feel the absolute truth in that moment. I remember they called cut and the whole set was suspended in this shell shocked silence. Brit definitely has that kind of magnetism.

Will your character Steve return to season two on the show?

Good question. Who knows…

Can you talk about your role in the new film Tolkien?

Yes! I play one of Tolkien's close friends, Robert Gilson. He has a veracious appetite for life and yet fears his own inadequacy because of the immense pressure he feels from his father. It is definitely something new for me character-wise and was such a joy to work with and get to know the guys on that.

What was your initial reaction when you read the script and were cast in the film?

It was really refreshing reading a biopic that ultimately felt like a very human story. It really isn’t of much consequence that Tolkien is one of the most famous writers in the world in the film as it tells the story of how he got there. I was incredibly lucky to be a part of that story and can’t wait to see it later this year.

What were some of your favourite shows you attended during Fashion Week?

It was an amazing couple of weeks. I had a fantastic time at all of the shows. It was my first time in Milan and the guys at DSquared2 made it really special. I loved what Dan and Dean did with the collection and the way they used audio to start the show. I was completely blown away by the Kenzo show too. Not only did they have some stunning pieces, but the live action short film they created in the middle of the runway was a truly beautiful piece of art. The whole thing was wild honestly. I mean, I was sitting beside Courtney Love!

What's your favourite thing about the brand and Fashion Week in general?

Dean and Dan were so incredibly kind and welcoming and I think that permeates through the brand image as well. I love their crossover of classic and contemporary styles and I think they’ve perfected that balance. I’ve definitely never had a pair of jeans fit so good either!  Fashion Week is always a crazy exciting time, I think a week is honestly all I could do as it's so full-on. Being in a new place with new people and innovative design is the perfect storm.

And who are some of your favorite designers?

I’m pretty varied with what I wear. I’ve always worn what I like from day to day. I guess streetwear would be my go-to, I’ve always been into Supreme and the likes. I’m also a big fan of classic brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin.

What are some menswear trends you would like to try out?

I’m honestly not too sure! I guess I don’t keep to trends all that much. I just throw on what I feel like in the morning and hope I don’t look like a total melon. So yeah, not looking like a melon is my latest trend.


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