Pharrell's Youthful Glow Is Now Available For Purchase

Pharrell's Youthful Glow Is Now Available For Purchase

Pharrell's Youthful Glow Is Now Available For Purchase

The latest celebrity skincare brand has arrived.

The latest celebrity skincare brand has arrived.

Styling: Sophie Lee

Many a fan has noticed the fact that Pharrell Williams never really seems to age. However old you told me Pharrell was, I'd believe you. That is unless you were referring to his actual age of 47. FORTY-SEVEN years old and not a wrinkle nor a blemish in sight.

Well, luckily for the rest of us normally-skinned individuals, Pharrell is now launching a skincare brand called Humanrace. The first launch will consist of a three step skincare routine, available on Nov. 25.

The new site proudly reads, "We believe that every individual has the potential to understand themselves better, and wake up everyday feeling empowered to turn good intentions into actions. Our goal is to help you in this quest."

The first item in the launch is a rice powder cleanser retailing for $32. The powder formula, blended with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), blends with water to create a milky face wash that aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The second item is a lotus enzyme exfoliator, priced at $46. This one uses glycolic acid to gently scrub away any dirt or debris sitting on the surface of the skin.

At the end of the routine is a moisturizer, which Humanrace calls a "humidifying cream," for $48. The cream contains a mizture of snow mushroom extract, squalene, and hyaluronic acid, all working together to lock in moisture.

Products are individually priced if you'd like to insert them into your existing skincare routine, or the whole bundle can be purchased for $100.

The packaging for Humanrace products is a spunky mix of bright green and cream, following the trend of minimalistic skincare branding. The containers are produced using over 50 percent recycled plastic. The screw-top lids also feature disability-friendly braille lettering.

It appears that the skincare industry is nowhere near slowing down its rapid expansion, adding to the mix yet another celebrity-backed brand. In this case, however, it seems that the proof is in Pharrell's baby-soft glow.

Credits: Photos courtesy of Humanrace.


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