Revolve Honors Saint Jhn at Third Annual Awards Show

Revolve Honors Saint Jhn at Third Annual Awards Show

Revolve Honors Saint Jhn at Third Annual Awards Show

The artist has one major career goal in the works.

The artist has one major career goal in the works.

Text: Brooke Kushwaha

In their endeavor to uplift and distinguish creatives in all fields, including music, film, and fashion, designer retailer Revolve is hosting their third annual Revolve Awards, hosted by Morgan Stewart. The show will be honoring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kehlani, Winnie Harlow, and SAINT JHN, to name a few, for their trailblazing work in their respective fields. This year's show introduced the first-ever "SUPERSHE" award, presented to Kehlani, meant to highlight celebrities who provide a "next-gen, zero-BS social community and edutainment platform for every she, her, they, and them." VMan sat down with one of the honorees, the Artist of the Year recipient SAINT JHN to talk about his career highlights and hopes for the future.

You are here at the Revolve Awards winning Artist of the Year. Congratulations and how do feel?

SAINT JHN Thank you so much, I’m excited.

What do you love about being an artist?

SJ I love freedom. I like the freedom of expression. I like being able to do whatever the fuck I want to do whenever the fuck I want to do it, and as long as it’s done with consideration, it’s cool.

Can you tell me about the transition in the feel of the album from Collection One to Ghetto Lenny?

SJ I think I was just taking the next step. It was the next step in the conversation. So, collection one is me walking into a bar in a blue mink and I want to buy you a drink and I walk out and you smelled me and you knew what I smelled like and you remembered my fragrance and you remembered my silhouette but we never met, there was no introduction. Go to Wendy’s and I came back and I gave you my number.

What’s the next chapter?

SJ You’ve gotta wait and see, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

What direction do you want to go in as an artist?

SJ I’m here. It’s looking like north, right?

How would you describe the energy at your shows?

SJ Passion. It’s an excessive amount of passion. It’s like me being able to redo the songs for the first time over, but you’re watching.

What's the strangest/most exciting fan encounter you’ve had?

SJ (Laughs) I get things all the time, but the craziest thing, someone flew from Tokyo to DC to see me two nights ago.

How does it feel to leave that kind of impression on someone?

SJ I just felt a responsibility. I just want to make sure I’m responsible.

What’s next on your to-do list?

SJ I want a Grammy. I think I deserve one of those. Even if I don’t deserve it, if I say it then I deserve it and I say that I deserve it. Let’s manifest it.

For more highlights of the event, check out our red carpet slideshow:

Revolve honors SAINT JHN as 2019's Artist of the Year.


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