Riding Into the Future, Harley-Davidson Presents H-D Collections

With a trifecta of new product lines, Harley-Davidson honors its heritage, while reinventing its future.

Defined by heritage and their signature originality, Harley-Davidson is launching H-D Collections, a group of unique and distinct lifestyle apparel lines, which will launch on hdcollections.com on March 9.

As the clear leader of motorcycle culture for over 120 years, Harley-Davidson has its sights on even more. The brand strives to connect with like-minded consumers who live with the spirit of adventure through curated products, experiences and collaborations. While honoring the past and tradition, H-D Collections also seeks to push into the future, growing for generations of motorcycle lovers to come.

The Chairman, President, and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Jochen Zeitz, spoke excitedly of the debut of H-D Collections. “H-D Collections brings together the many facets of moto-culture lifestyle, paying tribute to our heritage with both Harley-Davidson Originals and Authorized Vintage, while pushing the limits of design, form, and function with Bar & Shield.”

Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson® Originals, and Harley-Davidson® Authorized Vintage each make up the three product lines of H-D Collections, as well as other planned collaborations. 

Designed by Creative Director of Apparel Design Louise Goldin, Bar & Shield is inspired by a unique blend of engineering, functionality, and motorcycle culture and breathes new life into Harley-Davidson apparel. Harley-Davidson® Originals turns to the brand’s rich history and offers a modern-day twist, with items that pay tribute to the fearless racers, notable personalities, artists, everyday riders, and enthusiasts who’ve worn the brand prior. For Harley-Davidson® Authorized Vintage, each vintage piece has been thoroughly vetted by H-D historians, ensuring items that are among the most desirable in the vintage apparel market. 

As H-D Collections continues to grow and transform, additional collaborations and lines will be added, each designed by Louise Goldin and her team, based out of the H-D Design Studio in New York. 

Starting March 9, you can shop H-D Collections online and at select cultural events and festivals nationwide, beginning in Austin, TX, March 10-14. 

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