Sam Smith Doesn't Miss a Beat in New Music Video

Sam Smith Doesn't Miss a Beat in New Music Video

Sam Smith just gave us our new favorite dance moves.

Sam Smith just gave us our new favorite dance moves.

Text: Teddy Willson

If “How Do You Sleep” is what a lovelorn Sam Smith looks like, then we’re going to need some tips. The two-time V cover star (V93, V111) dropped the new single and a mind-boggling, queer-awakening, fiercely choreographed music video to go along with it.

The Grant Singer-directed video features Smith and the ultimate backup squad of gorgeous, ripped, sultry, fiery, drool-worthy, confident, shirtless men. What a casting call that must have been.

Hot backup dancers aside, it’s Smith who holds all of the attention, especially when he’s busting out an impressive dance routine. It seems the pop singer has been keeping those dance moves in his back pocket this whole time, but now, Smith isn’t holding back.

The new release signals an important evolution for the “Leave Your Lover” singer. While unrequited love is still at the heart of the song, “How Do You Sleep” has a confident bout of self-realization where depression and heartbreak once would have been. Smith’s dancing in the video is clearly a signal of the weight of the lyrics fallen off his shoulders. The dancing is cathartic for Smith, and if we’re being honest, it’s cathartic to watch, too.

“Thank you to all of the beautiful humans around me who have helped me really come out of my shell over the past year,” Smith penned on a sweet and genuinely excited post to Instagram. The singer added that the reaction to the song and video so far has felt like the day he came out, thanking fans for their love and kindness. Already, people are declaring the song an LGBTQ anthem, calling it divine queer magic.

Smith’s personal growth is undoubtedly present in the music video, but it also shines through in the song itself. Upbeat and synth-heavy, “How Do You Sleep” takes a step into the depths of pop, temporarily setting aside the R&B sound that the crooner is so well known for. This departure may be due, in part, to his collaboration with Max Martin, Savan Kotecha and ILYA on the track.

The singer closed his IG post by calling on fans to learn the dance moves in hopes of a massive dance party “one day soon.” Hint of a possible tour? We sure do hope so, but either way, when Sam Smith asks, we deliver. Let’s get to it.

Watch the video—and learn the choreography—below.


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