Siegelman Stable’s new collab spotlights equine therapy through streetwear

The rising brand brought horses—and a fresh collection—to Brooklyn last week.

If someone asked you what you associate with streetwear, horses probably wouldn’t come to mind. After all, streetwear was created in and for cities, where bustling crowds and busy intersections replace open plains and manicured horse ranches. But what if streetwear could bridge the gap between horses and urban spaces—and between rural America and the typical city-dwelling streetwear aficionado? This is the goal of the new Siegelman Stable X Hambletonian Society collab. 

Max Siegelman, son of renowned trainer Robbie Siegelman, founded the budding fashion brand last summer. The brand’s name and iconic horse logo were inspired by Siegelman Racing Stable, founded by the elder Siegelman in 1982. In the new collaboration, this inspiration is taken beyond names and visuals. Siegelman Racing Stable has long championed making equine therapy accessible and affordable for special needs individuals and youth in urban areas. Partnering with horse racing non-profit organization Hambletonian Society, Siegelman Stable opened a two-day pop-up store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to bring attention to equine therapy. 

The pop-up store was the launch site of a six-piece capsule including Hambletonian embroidered shirts and shorts. Speaking of the collection’s inspiration, Siegelman shared, “I started [Siegelman Stable] when the world was going through a pandemic and social justice was brought to the forefront of not just every conversation, but culture in every way, challenging us to ask ourselves how we can use our resources and backgrounds to contribute in some way to bridging the divides.”

While the Siegelman Stable X Hambletonian Society collaboration was exclusive to the pop-up weekend, you can shop other Siegelman Stable originals on their website. Although a relatively young brand, Siegelman Stable has already gained some high-profile fans, from Post Malone to NBA players. With a solid track record and a growing audience, it seems likely that Siegelman Stable will continue to unite streetwear fans old and new—and further its philanthropic mission of bringing equine therapy where it’s needed most.

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