Ski Masks Are In: Shop the Edit

With media moguls, like Kanye West, adding ski masks to their closets, it’s time to take a stab at the trend.

Ski Masks or Balaclavas have been a major trend this winter. From colorful knit options, to sleek athletic material choices, ski masks are in an abundant supply. To channel your inner Kanye West, here are ten ski masks to add to your winter wardrobe. 

Image Courtesy of Maison Margiela

Distressed Fair Isle Intarsia Wool and Cotton-Blend Balaclava by Maison Margiela 

This balaclava by Maison Margiela brings an 80s inspired winter sweater to this popular trend. The blue, black, and cream knit fabric provides a pattern that gives the ambiance of ice skating, winter nights, and hot coco. The distressed detail provides a rugged feel, but is softened out by the fuzziness of the headpiece. Its winter color palette makes it easy to style, but still seasonally appropriate.

Shop the Distressed Fair Isle Intarsia Wool and Cotton-Blend Balaclava here

Image Courtesy of Farfetch

Donda “Black” Mask by Kanye West 

Spotted in a variety of balaclavas over the last few weeks, Kanye West has tapped into the market with his own version. The Donda “Black” Mask brings a sporty element to the ski mask trend. With a face fitting structure and zippers for the eye holes, this mask will completely cover the face and only leave the eyes for viewing. 

For a daunting, superhero ski mask, shop the Donda “Black” Mask here

Image Courtesy of Acne Studios

Wool Balaclava Hood by Acne Studios 

For a balaclava with an eccentric color, the Wool Balaclava Hood by Acne Studios is the one for you. A bright blue base color with red and white stripes, provide a eclectic color palette to this headpiece. Wear with an all black outfit to draw attention to your face, or pair with a brightly colored outfit for a look that’ll get attention.

Shop the Wool Balaclava Hood here. 

Image Courtesy of Ssense

Color-Block Knitted Balaclava by DSquared2 

From DSqaured2’s latest collection, the Color-Block Knitted Balaclava provides a homemade feel to the knitwear trend. With alternating colors and varying knit patterns, the balaclava looks like it was made by a grandma in the best way possible. 

Shop the Color-Block Knitted Balaclava here.

Image Courtesy of Stüssy

Sock Knit Balaclava by Stüssy

For a monochrome ski mask, the Sock Knit Balaclava is one of the more plain options on the market. This tan balaclava provides a neutral base any outfit. The tiny Stüssy monogram above the face hole adds the tiniest bit of flare to this otherwise plain headpiece. This ski mask will compliment any color palette, and doesn’t stick to the confines of a seasonal color palette.

Shop the Sock Knit Balaclava here.

Black Cashmere Balaclava by Rick Owens 

For a more lightweight option, Rick Owens has created the Black Cashmere Balaclava. This headpiece is made from 100% cashmere, which allows for a more breathable piece. The cashmere is very fine, and slightly see through, so it creates a more open version of the balaclava by letting other sections of the face peak through the fabric. For an incredibly soft, and luxurious option, shop the Black Cashmere Balaclava here

Image Courtesy of Ssense

Brown Wool Horn Balaclava by Givenchy 

This balaclava by Givenchy is bringing the chunkiest of knits to this trend. Typically designed with more tight knits, this balaclava goes against the typical standard. This brown headpiece is knitted from thick wool yarn that has slight gaps between each stick. This allows the wearer to get air flow to the face, and to not be suffocated by the warmth wool provides. This balaclava features the most subtle horn like peaks at the top of head, giving an interesting shape to a more form fitting garment.

Shop the Brown Wool Horn Balaclava here.

Image Courtesy of Farfetch

Chunky Knit Balaclava by Ambush

For a more sweater-esque option, try the Chunky Knit Balaclava from Ambush. This headpiece will not only keep your head warm, but your shoulders and chest too. It’s extended neckline creates a sweater-like silhouette and provides a more interesting shape to the garment. This piece would be perfect for layering underneath a low cut sweater for an extra bit of coverage.

Shop the Chunky Knit Balaclava here

Image Courtesy of Farfetch

Compass-Patch Ribbed Knit Balaclava by Stone Island

For a classic balaclava look, this option from Stone Island is the perfect option. More of an every day wear piece, this cable knit balaclava will keep you warm throughout the winter. It’s sleek shape and plain coloring makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

Shop the Compass-Patch Ribbed Knit Balaclava here.



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