SN37 Gallery Presents Sleep to Dream by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Fashion photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis’ solo exhibition shows is a mood

In conjunction with New York Fashion week Manhattan’s SN37 Gallery will be opening their solo exhibition of prominent fashion and culture photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. Jarvis has shot the likes of Serena Williams, Tracee Ellis Ross and former President Barack Obama; her images capture the latest in the convergence of trending streetwear and high fashion however this show is expected to be different.

Perceptions 2020

Jarvis is stepping away from her usual portraits and  alluring commercial style and turning her attention inwards attempting to capture the wrestlings of the subconscious. The 17 image series is visual proof of Jarvis’ ability to capture the sensitive melancholia and fantastical haze of dreams. Sleep to Dream is a complete 180 for Jarvis stylistically and is a testament to her ability to capture mood through the mundane with the sensibility of a fine artist.

Sleep to Dream 2020

Shaniqwa Jarvis has topped off the gallery experience by repainting the gallery walls black, a heavy-handed but successful symbolism for the darkness we experience during sleep.


Sleep to Dream will debut on September 9 and will be on display to the public through October 16, 2022. Shaniqwa Jarvis has determined that all proceeds from the exhibition will go to the Harlem School of the Arts, of which she is an alumni.

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