Spruce Up Your Home Office With These Plant Pals

Spruce Up Your Home Office With These Plant Pals

Spruce Up Your Home Office With These Plant Pals

Getting lonely working from home? Plants will add a little life to your office space.

Getting lonely working from home? Plants will add a little life to your office space.

Text: Siena Ballotta Garman

If you've been spending days staring at a screen and worry that you haven't been getting out enough, you're right. We can't help you fix a busy remote work schedule, but there is something that can help: bringing a bit of the outdoors into your workspace with one of these incredible office plants. Ranging in size and care requirements, each of them can add some welcome green to your office and some welcome joy to your workday.

Marble Queen Pothos from The Sill

My marble pothos plant sits next to me as I write this, offering companionship and inspiration with her gorgeous patterned leaves. 10/10 would recommend. (Don't overwater; let the soil fully dry out in between.)

Order a Marble Queen Pothos for $57 here.

Fiddle Leaf Fig from Bloomscape

These are larger plants that immediately change whichever room they are placed in for the better. They look especially great in cozy corners. If you can give them bright filtered light and relatively warm temperatures, they'll give you impressive height and beautiful, sculptural leaves.

Order a Fiddle Leaf Fig for $195 here.

The Geoff from Urbanstems

If you're bored and in need of some mid-workday encouragement, consider Geoff. This golden giraffe planter holds an air plant. The plant only requires an occasional soak in water, so Geoff is a low-maintenance friend who can only brighten your life.

Order The Geoff for $75 here.

Haworthia Super White from Succulent Market

The Haworthia Super White, also called the "zebra cactus," has a gorgeous striped pattern. Its low light requirement makes it a perfect succulent for beginners, and this one conveniently arrives in a glazed pot.

Order the Haworthia Super White for $14.99 here.

Hedgehog Aloe from Bloomscape

A statement succulent with spiked blue-green leaves, the Hedgehog Aloe can even sprout bright red flowers in the warmer months.

Order the Hedgehog Aloe for $35 here.

Crispy Wave Fern from Horti

A durable Asplenium fern is a great choice for a first-timer, and the texture of these leaves is irresistible.

Order the Crispy Wave Fern for $14 here.

Succulent String of Pearls in Hanging Planter from West Elm

True to their name, String of Pearls plants are elegant and draping – perfect for hanging above a table or desk.

Order a String of Pearls in Hanging Planter for $59.95 here.

Bromeliad Summer from Bloomscape

This gorgeous bromeliad is an air plant that requires little maintenance and adds a bright pop of color to dreary spaces.

Order a Bromeliad Summer for $35 here.

Mini Preserved Living Wall from The Sill

Bring a tiny chunk of the outdoors in with this wall made from moss and ferns. It requires no maintenance and arrives with all the supplies you need to hang it on your wall and lift your mood with a much-needed glimpse of green.

Order a Mini Preserved Living Wall for $215 here.

Palm from Horti

For a tropical touch, try a palm plant. Parlor Palms like this one can live happily indoors, preferring bright indirect sunlight and high humidity.

Order a Palm for $14 here.

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