Steven Klein's New Favorite

Steven Klein's New Favorite

A better look at Labe, Steven Klein's new fave

A better look at Labe, Steven Klein's new fave

Styling: Steven Klein

We don’t need to tell you that photographer Steven Klein has worked with the best of them, which makes his blessing of any new brand head turn worthy. That brand is LABE, lead by the Brazilian-born, Paris-based, designer Deo Quintela. You might have seen Mr. Klein wearing the LABE logo tee (pictured above) in Instagrams snapped with the likes of Kanye West, Carine Roitfeld, and Patti Wilson at Givenchy’s recent New York Fashion Week showing. Since Quintela’s professional career has been mostly behind the scenes, VMAN caught up with him to uncover more about his past, and, more importantly, his future.

Where does the name LABE come from?

DEO QUINTELA LABE is a mix from “label” and “laboratory.” It shows how I consider my work as a laboratory of trends, experiences of creations to finally arrive at a collection.

What made you want to start your own menswear line?

DQ I always wanted to work in fashion, since I was a kid. After I studied fashion in Rio [de Janeiro], Brazil, I decided to move to Paris to fulfill that dream. Two years ago, I made the decision to create my own menswear line inspired by all the talented brands I’ve had the chance to work with over the last few years. Although I admired all those brands, I also felt the necessity to bring my own artistic vision and to create what I considered the new trend.

Although you studied design, you went on to work with photographers and magazines—what was that experience like? How has it helped you work on LABE?

DQ Photography and magazines are the very first steps for the public to enter into fashion and to understand a creation. I always considered the work of photographers as important as the creation itself. It was necessary for me to work with photographers and magazines before I even thought of creating my own label. The fast-paced environment of magazines showed me how to get a creation done quickly, also how to use clothes from different stylists to create a unique and coherent picture. It actually helped me to picture my own creations mixed with other styles and brands.

What are you working on for spring?

DQ I am currently working on my Fall/Winter ‘16 collection that will be distributed at the KTZ store in Paris.

Are there any plans to show at Fashion Week or Men’s Fashion Week?

DQ I don’t have any plans for the very next fashion week but am actively looking for a showroom in New York City.

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