Stylish Sunglasses for Optimal Accessorizing

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or going out for a drive, why not block out those pesky UV rays in style?

Nothing says mystery quite like a pair of tasteful spectacles. There’s something about being encased in a cold hard shell of anonimity that is equally exciting as empowering. With each shape carrying its own personality, sunglasses open a portal to tap into alter egos—whether that’s the sleek inner villain or futuristic cyborg.

While often associated with sunny escapades and poolside lounging, sunglasses are an essential all year round; winter is no exception. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or going out for a drive, why not block out those pesky UV rays in style?


Mono Cat 2.0 in Crystal

Courtesy of Balenciaga

Ideal for those on the go that don’t have time to fish out their sunglasses’ case while traversing between the indoors and outdoors is Balenciaga’s Mono Cat 2.0. With clear frames, 100% UVA/UVB, and adjustable nose pads, Balenciaga has envisioned a pair that won’t sacrifice style, comfort, or protection.

$375, Balenciaga


Rectangular-Frame Sunglasses in Beige

Courtesy of Gucci

Reminiscent of the 70s, Gucci evokes an antiquated charm with its beige acetate frames. These shades are a signature of Gucci’s obsession with nostalgia, down to their bulky ultra-rectangular frames. Adorning temples with interlocking G’s, Gucci’s emblematic shades will surely add a hint of timeless sophistication to any outfit.

$710, Gucci


Saint Laurent

SL-572 in Transparent Khaki and Silver

Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Tired of the endless recycling of Havana browns and blacks in eyewear? These bad boys break the cycle with olive-tinged Khaki acetate frames. Protruding upper corners tone down the exclamative eyewear of the season with a look equally sensible and stunning.

$545, Saint Laurent


New Round in Silver Frames with Blue Gradient lenses

Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban takes a new spin on Lennon-esque eyewear with these rounded icy shades. Its feather-weight frames suggest comfort and style may both be attainable in one pair of sunglasses.

$178, Ray-Ban

Prada Linea Rossa

Impavid in Cyan

Courtesy of Prada

Neo-futurism meets 80s nostalgia in Prada’s Linea Rossa Impavid sunglasses. With uber-enlarged frames drenched in a hypnotizing sheen of cyan, these spectacles cut away at convention with sculpted, jagged angles.

$485, Prada


Geometric Frame Marlowe in Black

Courtesy of Burberry

At the height of avant-garde sportswear enters Burberry’s Geometric Frame Marlowe sunglasses. Rough edges slice past each other in frames that deliver a statement with a twisted edge.

$360, Burberry


Fixe II in Gold

Courtesy of Balmain

As the name suggests, Balmain’s Fixe II sunglasses prime those who encounter them to obsess over their spindly structure. With thin titanium cutting away at their corners, these frames will surely snap necks as they pass on by.

$860, Balmain


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