Support the Amazon Rainforest with Pangaia x Costa Brazil

100% of proceeds support the Amazon Rainforest and its indigenous communities.

Launching today, design collective Pangaia and Francisco Costa’s eco beauty line, Costa Brazil, have teamed up on a collection to support the Amazon Rainforest and its indigenous communities.

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, mainly in Brazil but extended into other South American countries as well. With a biologically diverse ecosystem, home to all sorts of flora and fauna, the Amazon is an essential part of the Earth’s environment, and must be protected. You may have heard efforts to save the Amazon Rainforest in the past, and it is crucial that we continue to support these efforts now more than ever. Climate change and exploitative human efforts are directly harming the Amazon, while COVID is harming the indigenous communities that live in it.

Two brands focused on the wellbeing of our global environment, Pangaia x Costa Brazil will donate 100% of the profits from this exclusive collection to Amazon Forever, an organization that supports the rural regions of the Amazon. Amazon Forever was put together by Conservation International and BrazilFoundation as a joint effort to provide humanitarian assistance to those in the Amazon most impacted by the pandemic. The funds will help these indigenous communities rebuild, their recovery further enhancing the biodiversity and health of the forest itself.

The casual wear collection includes recycled cotton hoodies, organic cotton t-shirts, recycled cotton shorts and pants all in earthy tones. On the back of these garments is commissioned artwork by Nick Theobald, emphasizing the importance of saving the rainforest.

Each piece is in gender-neutral sizing with relaxed fits, with total transparency on materiality. The organic cotton pieces are chemical-free with non-irritant fabric suited for all skin types and sensitivities. The text and hues were made with environmentally friendly dyes and a recycled water system, a sustainable process meant to reduce the wastefulness of the fashion industry. The recycled cotton also promotes the idea of reusing and supporting a circular economy with reduced waste and harmful impacts on the environment.

A great way to support an important and necessary cause, you can find the sustainable collection here, with all proceeds going to the Amazon Rainforest and those who live in it.

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