Take Note

Take Note

Text: Sam Fine

Prada doesn’t just influence fashion trends—designer Miuccia Prada has her finger on the pulse of the worlds of film, politics, music, and art, too. Her F/W ’15 menswear show, which stomped down the catwalk in Milan in January, came with a full-on gender manifesto. She’s constantly tapping progressive artists to collaborate on her wares or runway sets, and she enlists prolific directors (cue Wes Anderson) to create her fashion films. With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that she and her brand have plates spinning in the literary realm, too. Enter the Prada Journal, a contest that aims to champion and support today’s most talented new writers. The second edition of the competition, which is affiliated with Prada eyewear and made possible via a partnership with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, saw hopefuls submit stories in over 20 languages. Each tale aimed to answer the loaded questions, What are the signs of a changing world? and, What situations can we envision? Out of the vast pool, it was Viola Bellini, Miguel Ferrando, and Anabel Graff who won the hearts of judges Tishani Doshi, Carlo Feltrinelli, Paolo Giordano, and Column McCann. Each was presented with a 5,000 euro prize and had their stories read by Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller, and Filippo Timi at the January celebration in Milan, which was hosted by Dane DeHaan. The winners’ work, along with the writings of the other contestants, will be featured in the anthology Prada Journal 2014—Signs of a Changing World, now available for download on prada.com/journal. Happy reading!



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