Ten Tank Tops For The VMAN

Ten Tank Tops For The VMAN

Ten Tank Tops For The VMAN

We see you, arms (and alliteration)

We see you, arms (and alliteration)

Text: Ahad Sanwari

Summer, you’re almost here, finally, how we’ve missed you!

It’s been an absolutely odd fall and winter, ones peppered with just as many masks as there were layers. However, now that the tides are changing and the sun’s coming back for a main role instead of just a cameo, it’s time to break out the one, the only — the tank top.

The tank top’s always seen as being very traditionally masculine, only really for those who have the arms and the tan to show off with it. But in this era of self-love, we’re making the tank top about body positivity, showing off whatever arms you’ve got (like my skinny rods), and appreciating them and yourself for what you are. Plus, they’re great to pair statement pieces with and really just turn every outfit into a relaxed mood.

And so, we present to you, some of VMAN’s favorite tank tops to help you be cool for the summer.

K.NGSLEY’s “FIST” Ribbed Tank ($180)

Image courtesy of K.NGSLEY

All about making a queer statement with the masculine garment, K.NGSLEY’s offerings are usually more experimental with their silhouettes, catering to male and female figures rather than binary definitions of gender, such as this “FIST” tank with its shapely cut-outs. (You can read more about K.NGSLEY’s vision in our chat with him)

Fang NYC Turtleneck Bib Knit Tank ($161)

Image courtesy of Fang NYC

This bib knit tank feels oddly young and old at the same time. The shape gives you some great breathing room and the fabric moves with the body, making this one option that’s not only adaptable, but very comfortable on a hot day.

Givenchy White Square Tank Top ($375)

Image courtesy of Givenchy

If you’ve got some money to spend on your tank, then this might be the option for you. The square cut is massively underrated in style and cool factor, plus it’s a nice and breathable basic to have, ideal for any wardrobe.

Raf Simons SS96 Jersey Vest ($295)

Image courtesy of Raf Simons

One of the brand’s most iconic pieces, it’s a representative of the brand’s youth subculture influences, a soft organic-cotton jersey that has a nice stretch to it, good for any frame and body size.

Kenzo K-Tiger Oversized Vest Top ($165)

Image courtesy of Kenzo

This graphic tank is the right amount of oversized, that doesn’t just hang limp but also evens out the body and gives enough room for a breeze to flow. You hear that? It’s the sound of the summer wind thanking you.

FENDI Color-Blocked Mesh Basketball Vest ($460)

Image courtesy of FENDI

If the Givenchy tank wasn’t high class enough, try this FENDI basketball vest. Its mesh build makes it easier for air to pass through and ventilate the body. Plus, it’ll give you the cred to say that you actually play sports.

Quiksilver MTK Tank Top ($32)

Image courtesy of Quiksilver

This tank, created in honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is a cotton and polyester blend that feels good on the skin and the stretch. It also features logo designer Mr Tokolo’s Olympic-inspired design, ensuring that it’s more one-of-a-kind than most others on this list.

Nike Jordan Dri-FIT Zion ($50)

Image courtesy of Nike

Okay, maybe you’re not pretending, maybe you do play sports. This tank is the perfect fit for it, made of a sweat-wicking mesh that’s good on the court and off (especially with that cool Zion print).

Old Navy Soft-Washed Jersey Tank Top ($10)

Image courtesy of Old Navy

An option that won’t break the bank, this tank has that classic boy-next-door look. You know, the one that’s always playing basketball, flashing you the megawatt smile, and sometimes his name is Archie Andrews.

Hanes ComfortWash Tank Top ($7)

Image courtesy of Hanes

Never, never is there a bad day to opt for a classic Hanes tank. It’s soft, of course. Airy, yes. Comes in 20 colors, like it should. And it’s one of the most affordable options out there, that’s some bang for your buck.


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