The Best Gifts for Your Techie Friend

The Best Gifts for Your Techie Friend

The Best Gifts for Your Techie Friend

Welcome to the digital age, we’ve been expecting you.

Welcome to the digital age, we’ve been expecting you.

Text: Ahad Sanwari

The holiday season is upon us! Gifts! Shopping! Celebration! There’s a lot of great stuff out there to buy, and we mean A LOT. It’s quite hard to sift through the endless varieties of items that you could give to someone to show that they matter and you know them well.

The ones you really have to be specific about is the friend who’s a gadget whiz, it’s important to get something that works and can prove actually useful in their daily lives. Luckily, VMAN has your back, here with some of the best gifts for your high tech-toting friends.

Ember Mug² ($130)

Image courtesy of Ember

Who doesn’t like starting their day with a great cup of coffee? Well, as long as the coffee’s warm enough. Luckily, this coffee mug does the job for you, keeping your drink at a set temperature for 1.5 hours and allowing you to adjust the temperature. The perfect morning, indeed.

VicTsing Portable Shower Speaker ($22)

Image courtesy of VicTsing

Now that you’ve had your coffee and are feeling pumped, these waterproof speakers should help you keep that high in the shower. Play your favorite tunes while you shampoo and tear up the shower floor with your moves. Or your belting vocals, either way.

GoCube Edge ($80)

Image courtesy of GoCube

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a Rubik’s Cube. The GoCube Edge allows you to solve the elusive cube step by step, and keeps track of your progress for you. You can even participate in minigames and battle other cubers around the world.

Nanoleaf Canvas ($200)

Image courtesy of Nanoleaf

These electronic light panels go up on the wall and can perfectly frame just about anything. You have a vast range of colors to choose from, and you can even activate rhythm detectors to have the lights flash with the music. Fairy lights, who?

AeroGarden Hydroponic Harvest ($100)

Image courtesy of AeroGarden

Our times at home can be a little healthier with a hydroponic garden. Grow your favorite herbs and veggies with this at-home gardening system, that lights the saplings for you and alerts you to provide water and food.

Gemaxvoled Cell Phone Jail ($13)

Image courtesy of Gemaxvoled

More like the anti-tech gadget, this jail cell is for when you need to detox and destress away from your phone. Simply lock up your gadgets in this cage and give the key to someone you trust. Fight the urge to tweet.

LARQ Self-Sanitizing Bottle ($95)

Image courtesy of LARQ

Staying clean and sanitized is a global mission at this point, which is where this bottle comes in handy. The bottle uses UVC rays and LED lights to eliminate bacteria and sanitize the inside of your bottle, leaving it squeaky clean and disease free.

Fizzics Draftpour ($125)

Image courtesy of Fizzics

While there’s some fun in drinking beer straight from the can/bottle, nothing gets fancier than a good draft. The Fizzics Draftpour takes your beer can or bottle and pours it into a glass as a perfect draft, and you can even manage the amount of foam you get. Also, it’s Shark Tank approved!

Air Selfie AIR-PIX ($120)

Image courtesy of Air Selfie

Like a little pocket-sized drone, the AIR-PIX uses its fans to whirr in the air and snap the perfect shots of you and your friends, still or moving. You can create larger frames and effectively capture all the surroundings with the airborne camera.

Bandai Pac Man Connect & Play ($17)

Image courtesy of Bandai

To aid the feeling of nostalgia we’ve all been overcome with lately, Bandai’s device allows you to hook up a few wires to your TV and play the classic Pac Man. It also has a bunch of other games, and some of Pac Man’s most famed levels, like Level 256.


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