The Creative Director Introducing the Next Generation: Dimetri Hogan 

Well-known photography connoisseur details the trials and tribulations of finding success in the industry.

Meet Creative Director, Dimetri Hogan, a powerhouse tastemaker, photographer and the founder of the growing creative collective, Radiant Room. His platform shines a light on up-and-coming global talents in art, fashion, and culture—quickly positioning to become a major creative agency to watch. 


Growing up in small-town Virginia it wasn’t always obvious this radiant mind would become a global creative force, Dimetri mused, “All my life I felt as if there was a side of me being contained that I was too afraid to expose due to fear of being judged or left out because I was different.” It was when he saw the documentary The Radiant Child directed by Tamra Davis, focused on the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, he walked through the door to creative freedom. 


“To me Basquiat represented freedom both mentally and creatively. He never trained professionally or went to school to be an artist just as I never trained to be a photographer. I just picked up a camera and told myself I could do it. Then five years later I became exactly who I wanted to be.’”

-Dimetri Hogan  


Hogan adopted the nickname Radiant Child in honor of Basquiat as his creative armor moving to New York City. Earning his stripes in the tough, highly competitive environment of NYC he picked up the mentality that may seem counterintuitive to outsiders, which is that true success in the creative world comes from compassion and lifting up your fellow artist. Soon his journey became an electric causeway for collaboration, increasingly less about his own and more about those he worked with, ultimately leading to some of his greatest accomplishments. Over the next few years Dimetri traveled to five different countries, photographing world-renowned talents from The Weeknd to Victoria Secret Angel Barbara Palvin. 


As Radiant Room blossoms, Dimetri continues to look for artists to keep the platform pushing boundaries. On that wave, he has invited the wildly eclectic tastemaker, Vincent Lantzy, to the family table as an influence on future projects. Vincent also felt the need to escape the melancholy of his home town Detroit, pushing him to escape via fashion. Growing up he found himself drawn to creative minds like McQueen and Warhol who turned their dreams into a reality and had everyone consumed by their fantasy. 



 “For me fashion was a way to create my own world. It was an escape for me to a better place where I could express myself freely. The more I created this world it took me to better places.’”

-Vincent Lantzy 

At the scant age of 17, Vincent moved to New York City which initially left him penniless. He found himself caught in the New York nightlife shuffle living on the edge of madness with seldom opportunity to design clothes. These character-defining moments inspire the message he carries in his art today.  

Vincent began creating again when he found his commonality with Radiant Child, Dimetri Hogan, and was brought on as a stylist for many of his projects. The collaborations led to positions with fashion houses Alexander Wang NYC and Tom Ford LA. He now resides in Los Angeles where he has been working with Radiant Room and connecting to his own clothing design once again. Lantzy’s latest collection is inspired by the idea of life being created. In this heart-filled line he uses mediums on canvas such as paint, sunlight and cyanotypes.  

Seen on his studio link- @vincentlantzystudio 

Hogan plans to leave a long legacy of prolific artists from all walks of life in his wind stream and help each strive for authenticity in their art. 

@radiantroom welcomes you. 






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