The Downtown Fashion Guy’s Gift Guide

The Downtown Fashion Guy’s Gift Guide

The Downtown Fashion Guy’s Gift Guide

A gift guide for, perhaps, the toughest kind of man to shop for

A gift guide for, perhaps, the toughest kind of man to shop for

Text: Nicholson Baird

You know that guy that claims he started wearing Salomons before everyone else did? He frequents Dimes Square and somehow got the massive Balenciaga sunglasses before they even went on sale. His tagged section on his Instagram account (with a very mysterious profile picture) is a barren land. You’re not so sure if he’s employed but he has the most extensive archival Margiela collection you’ve ever seen. Whether he’s your boyfriend, son, or best pal, he is notoriously tough to shop for. No need to worry, V’s got you covered with the ultimate downtown fashion guy’s gift guide:

Aris Schwabe, Crypt Band Silver, $520

Aris Schwabe has been making small batches of no-nonsense jewelry that is perfectly understated. Look at those skeletons! So much angst!

Image courtesy of Rodeo Workwear

Balenciaga, Men’s Hardcrocs Sandal in Black, $1,050

If for some reason the aforementioned slightly intimidating guy doesn’t already have the punk Balenciaga Crocs, chances are he wants them.

Image courtesy of Balenciaga

ERL, Plaid Print Puffer Gillet, $753

ERL is a brand that has quickly established itself as making clothes for the cool mysterious and super muscley man. This plaid puffer vest is the perfect ode to the nineties.

Image courtesy of Farfetch

Craig Green, Men’s B rushed Mohair Jumper in Mint/Brown, $925

If you’re wearing this Craig Green sweater, I’m totally cool with you mansplaining how mohair has become a huge trend in the past several seasons. Bonus, it’s reversible!

Image courtesy of Dover Street Market

Kiko Kostadinov, Men’s Oren Bag Medium in Black/Air Blue, $600

If your friend can’t fit all of his daily necessities (chapstick, keys, wallet, an Elfbar, some random piece of Russian literature that’s never been opened, etc.) into his fourteen pockets on his cargo pants, this bag from Kiko Kostadinov is the perfect gift.

Image courtesy of Dover Street Market

Balenciaga, Gray Exaggerated Sport Goggle Sunglasses, $585

These are not your dad’s Oakleys! No seriously, they’re far more strange and much more delightful.

Image courtesy of Ssense

Acne Studios, Hand Painted Leather Jacket in Black/Yellow, $2,500

This is a great leather jacket, arguably, the best leather jacket on the market right now. Just don’t tell him it’s been circulating on Tiktok. Shhhhhh.

Image courtesy of Acne Studios

Eckhaus Latta X Moose Knuckles, Puffer in Coconut Milk, $1,390

I take your North Face puffer and raise you the Eckhaus Latta X Moose Knuckles collab. This jacket deserves an award. The transparent (and water resistant) exterior that reveals the down filling? Chef’s. Kiss.

Image courtesy of Eckhaus Latta

Maison Margiela, Tabi Mirror Boots in Silver, $1,350

As previously established, your friend already has tabis. And you’ll never hear the end of it. If you feel generous enough to gift him another talk-piece, consider these metallic heeled ones.

Image courtesy of Maison Margiela

Rick Owens, Gray Gimp Balaclava, $270

This balaclava from Rick Owens is a brilliantly subverted staple for the harsh winter. Expect a photo of the Rick Owens box it comes in to be promptly posted in a low-saturation Instagram story.

Marine Serre, Moon Diamant Relaxed Blazer, $1,046

This version of the Marine Serre classic moon monogram is for the people who get it. Spice up his exclusively black blazer collection with a bit of pattern! Bonus, the blazer has been constructed out of recycled wool.

KIKO, Removable Shoulder Rib Knit, $290

Multi-functional fashion is always a win. Take this sweater for a spin on a Saturday night in December and whip those sleeves off the second you finally get let into Paul’s!

Nong Rak, One-of-a-kind Mohair Blur Bonnet, $295

You’re gonna have to have your game face on for this one. Nong Rak drops sell out fast, but if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to snatch one of these one-of-a-kind mohair bonnets.

Image courtesy of Nong Rak


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