The Next Big Thing: Inside the Rise of Moshe Reuven

South Florida born Hip Hop artist is so impactful he’s already being mentioned as a new brand of superstar.

Fashioned and molded by the Illustrious Chabad Chassidic Dynasty, Moshe Reuven, a 27-year-old Rabbinic student, is already being dubbed the next big breakout star in the year 2020 and he hasn’t even released his debut. With an estimated 1.25 million followers on social media, Moshe Reuven could be one of the most highly anticipated artists of the year. 

In the past several months alone, Moshe Reuven has racked up about 100,000 views on an article he penned (about Design, Art, & Vision) for Forbes, his music leaked topping today’s #1 Mixtape site’s “What’s Hot” charts, he’s been offered a lucrative distribution deal with Universal Music Group, he’s brought on Taylor Swift’s former manager as his new manager, & he’s reached 1,063,333 followers on his Instagram. All this while he prepares for his second rabbinic ordination test (of a four-part examination that continues throughout the rest of the year) & manages multiple businesses.

In April, the debut single of Moshe’s anticipated record was completed. The same lady that offered Moshe a record deal for one of his songs, said regarding Moshe, “This is literally the Jewish version of Bob Marley.” Coming from a music exec that was blessed to be one of the music A&R’s involved with the break of The Wu-Tang Clan. A&R Executive, Denise Renee continues “I know a hit when I see one, and this is a hit.” A lyrical phenom that can hit those high notes, he’s said to have written thousands of poetic verses that used to only get the glory of being seen and shared by friends. Moshe was that high school kid that would show up at other school’s parties and students would say “You’re that kid from Cooper City that raps, right?”

Today, those high school students are not alone (going on the name of Moshe’s debut single “You Are Not Alone”). Having been name-dropped by stars such as Perez Hilton, NBA Future Hall of Famer, Dwight Howard, & one of the top investors in the world, Mamoon Hamid. “I know a lot about superstars and, let me tell you, Moshe Reuven is a superstar,” says Celebrity Blogger & fellow member of the tribe, Perez Hilton. 

Growing up in Cooper City, Florida, Moshe Reuven, who goes by his Hebrew name that he was given at birth, was known as Marc. Born Jewish to Jewish parents, Moshe was raised Conservative, went to Hebrew school, and got bar mitzvah’d. In high school, he had a Steve Jobs-like revelation that sent his life in search of a purpose. With a determined response to make music that would lead his friends and others his age in a better direction. 

Moshe began to record a studio album with Mr. Cheeks’s (The star of the Hit Song “Lights, Camera, Action”) former producer, Hayden & mentor, DJ Jungleboy. The two of them immediately made connections that his music sounded like a version of Nas, but for the modern age. That this was a person with a message and the skills to back it. Yet, with limited funds being a high school student and the pressing need for him to start his college courses at UCF that summer, Moshe would have to put his dreams to the side till the next chance he would have to display his music to the world. In college, Moshe would start to make a name for himself in the business school as a visionary entrepreneur & grew heavily in his Jewish faith, making frequent trips to rabbinical schools and teaching others on campus. Building a forceful 50 man company, while taking his accounting courses towards the end of his college career. Moshe saw this as a way to express his creativity, and also allow him to build an audience for when he would be able to launch his music career. One thing led to another and Moshe was building other people’s companies alongside his, and before he knew it, his company was being identified by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

After college, Moshe moved his company virtual and zipped over to Rabbinical School in a private jet. Fast forward a few years later, his social followings grew over 1 million strong, he’s about to be ordained as a Rabbi, he’s contributed and been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, and his companies are blossoming through the roof. Moshe began recording more music while at Rabbinical School, and he’s being noticed by record companies across the country. Now, gearing up to drop his debut studio album, Moshe’s entertaining deals and growing faster than ever. 


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