The Sounds Of New York Men's Fashion Week

The Sounds Of New York Men's Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week Men's always delivers a mix of cutting-edge aesthetics and classic silhouettes, and this year's music choices were every bit as eclectic as the clothes. Designers obviously have great taste, so it comes as no surprise that these shows serve up serious ear candy, from poppy bangers to throwback tracks. Here are four from this week that sounded just as good as they looked:

1. True to Gypsy Sport’s cheeky athleisure line, the show’s set list seamlessly transitioned from modern daytime vibes to the sensuous ‘70s to ‘90s club kid nostalgia:

"White Iverson" by Post Malone 

"Flawless (Remix)" by Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj 

"Mary Jane" by Rick James 

"Gypsy Woman" by Crystal Waters 

2. Once you’ve got your post-apocalyptic party look from Siki Im down, let these late-80s industrial jams put you in a Berlin state of mind.

"Bela Lugosi is Dead" by Bauhaus 

"Take Me Baby" by Jimi Tenor 

"Stigmata" by Ministry

3. Belgian designer Tim Coppens latest collection reportedly referenced in-your-face musicians like Eminem and Axl Rose, but the show’s soundtrack, designed by Sébastien Perrin, featured pleasantly chill deep cuts (including an unreleased T. Rex song).

"Auto Machine" by Marc Bolan and T. Rex 

"Ritual Spirit feat. Azekel" by Massive Attack 

"Amibes" by Drame

4. Ovadia & Sons paired bomber jackets with silk pants, so it's fitting that the show’s music was an eclectic mix of hardcore rap and ethereal wind instrumentals.

"Nutmeg" by Ghostface Killah 

"Sweet Lullaby" by Deep Forest 

"Shapes I See" by Rodriguez Jr. 


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