The Weeknd Teases Upcoming NFT Song

The singer tweeted a cryptic announcement and confirmed it would still be part of his “After Hours” era.

The Weeknd appears to be the latest musician to jump on the NFT bandwagon: on Friday, he published a cryptic tweet that seems to point to an upcoming song to be released as a non-fungible token. “new song living in NFT space,” the tweet reads. “coming soon…”

Although it is still unclear whether this will be a song called “Living in NFT Space” or an actual NFT release, the singer later confirmed it will still be part of his After Hours era. “p.s. this chapter isn’t quite done yet,” he tweeted. “still tying some loose ends.”

NFTs are unique digital tokens that can be attached to virtual items such as digital artworks, videos, memes, and even tweets. They generate digital certificates of authenticity and ownership and can be bought and sold just like regular physical properties. Earlier this year, for example, Grimes sold an NFT of a one-of-a-kind music video featuring an original song for nearly $389,000.

The Weeknd is no stranger to digital experiences. In August 2020, the singer played an interactive XR show on TikTok as a digital avatar and collaborated with Spotify to launch an AI experience for fans. 

After Hours was released in March 2020 and has been recently certified by the RIAA as a double-platinum record. Earlier this month, the album’s lead single “Blinding Lights,” which was released in November 2019, made history by becoming the first song to ever spend a full year (52 weeks) in the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten.

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