How Tyler the Creator Wrote His New Song While Kanye Napped

How Tyler the Creator Wrote His New Song While Kanye Napped

Text: Emma Blanchard

This Friday, Tyler the Creator will debut his highly anticipated album "Flower Boy." To keep us occupied until the drop, Tyler has premiered yet another single from the album, “I Ain’t Got Time!”

Tyler told Zane Lowe on the Beat 1 show, "I remember being at Ye's during The Life of Pablo, and I think he went to take a nap, I was in the studio and there was this MPC there. I was just like, "Noah started recording me." I started smacking, started clapping, making weird noises, added a boom boom boom, and I was gonna add a hook. It was just that. I was like, "Damn, Kanye should take this song. He would sound so much cooler saying, 'I ain't got time' than me." He didn't like it."

Tyler raps extremely candidly on this track and is very transparent about his personal and business life.“I Ain’t Got Time!”  touched upon subjects including sexuality, “Next line will have ’em like, “Whoa” / I’ve been kissing white boys since 2004," as well as Tylers falling out with Vans, "7 figure conversations with Converse finalized 'cause Vans fucked up."

Check out the new single below, and stay tuned for the full album which debuts tomorrow.


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