UNIQLO Reconnects With Jil Sander To Revive Its Iconic +J Range

Combining Sander’s unmatched minimalism with Japanese retailer’s thoughtfulness, quality and accessible luxury ethos.

After nearly a decade-long hiatus, UNIQLO’s +J line (conceived in collaboration with German designer Jil Sander) is making a grand comeback. As always, the range promises to be a harmonious combination of Sander’s unmatched minimalism and UNIQLO’s thoughtfulness, quality and accessible luxury ethos — so brace yourself for an exciting launch coming to stores and online starting November 12.

“It is with the appreciation and excitement of working with Ms. Jil Sander that I announce the return of the +J collection,” said Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, President and CEO of Fast Retailing. “A shared respect for modernity and timeless design is evident in our latest collaboration, particularly in sophisticated, everyday essentials that are well-suited to life today.”

And well-suited they are indeed — the new Fall/Winter 2020 +J collection is comprised of sophisticated essentials and versatile, iconic pieces for both men and women. The shapes and tailoring are sculptural yet balanced, the silhouettes are architectural yet allowing for movement, the volumes are generous yet well-fitted. Those who remember the first iteration of this collaborative project will probably have the sort of nostalgic déjà vu feeling upon seeing this range, and for good reason — though adapted for the contemporary consumer, the line certainly retains all the simplicity and elegance beloved by fashion purists and true aesthetes.

“I set out to define the global modern uniform with this in mind: Clothes should be long-lasting and enduring,” Ms. Jil Sander explains. “They should serve the wearer and give her or him the energy and self- assurance which is so much needed in our global reality.”

The new +J range is full of functional outerwear, including hybrid down styles, utility-inspired jackets, military blousons and cashmere-blend coats. Woolen tailor jackets and gabardine pants with a papery finish to them; oversized shirts in a classic palette from ivory to black to white; sweaters range from fine-gauge cashmere to fine merino wool and blends. Ultimately, this collection is an embodiment of the global modern uniform, challenging the conventions and offering the unrivaled elegance and quality of Jil Sander at an affordable price range.

See the campaign images below:

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