Vaccarello x Zanella: New Exhibition Initiates A Creative Dialogue Between Two Worlds

Sébastien Zanella expands on the freedom of the human condition within the global culture of skateboarding, surfing, and the street through provocative films and images.

Paris Location: 213, Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France
Los Angeles: 469 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California. 90210

Exhibition On View: July 19, 2022 – September 8, 2022

Curated by the intangible mind of Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello, The Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores welcome director, documentary filmmaker, and renowned photographer Sébastien Zanella to expand on his freedom of expression for an exhibition in Paris and Los Angeles. Specially captured for the occasional, a series of photographs will unveil themselves in SLRD stores, insulating a dialogue between two worlds. An urban, masculine, young, protesting universe, in brutalist architecture, in black and white. Then, on the other hand, a feminine universe, colored, in a natural environment, aquatic, and centered around surfing.

Through the mediums of films and images, Zanella provocatively expands on the independence of the human condition within the global culture of skateboarding, surfing, and the street. Celebrated for his influential genre, which is both haunting and captivating, his artistic approach to composition and use of natural ambient light results in genuine narratives that leave a resonating impression on the viewer. His short films have featured some of the most eminent names in skateboarding and surfing, including Erik Koston, Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Eric Ellington, Dylan Rieder, and Alex Knost.

Named as a nod to Saint Laurent’s rive gauche line, that helped to democratize fashion and luxury in the sixties, the exclusive retail destination for expression, exchange, and lifestyle showcases a wide range of products, including exclusive pieces, limited editions, library, vintage, music, photography combined with art, performances, exhibitions, events, and cultural exchanges. Conceptualized by Anthony Vaccarello, the extensive and diversified offer from different creative and design fields is imagined and embraced in new ways to enlarge the universe and the DNA of Saint Laurent.

For this occasion, a book SLRD editions and four posters will be available in stores and on YSL.COM.

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