VMAN Exclusive: Lucas AB Maloja

VMAN Exclusive: Lucas AB Maloja

Behind the music video for Lucas AB's Maloja

Behind the music video for Lucas AB's Maloja

Photography: Mayzie Hopkins

Singer and "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" Lucas AB's latest music video is here. The video, shot by director Sebastian Sommer, is to Maloja from his album Maybe that was released in 2017. Some may recognize the cast of the video, which includes OITNB star Rebecca Knox who plays "the angel" and Matt McHanon playing "the hunk".

In this project with a lengthy list of collaborators, the director spoke fondly of his interest to work with Lucas AB. "I loved how personal the lyrics were, how catchy the melody was, and the obvious talent. A collaboration between me and Lucas had been a long time coming and it evolved into an incredibly rich and fulfilling experience. "Maloja" was my personal favorite off the EP." Sommer also shared his vision for the video "I visualized a couple having fun on a beach, a prophetic singer bearing his soul, and a sinister quality lurking beneath the sunny exterior. Directing this project was a pleasure. I lost my music video virginity to this song and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Watch the visual work for Maloja below.


Sebastian Sommer - @sebsomofficial - director

Paul-Vincent Alexander - @pvalexander - producer + director of photography + editor 

Rebecca Knox (OITNB) - @therebeccaknox - The Angel

Louis Bubko - @foundbylouis - The Devil

Matt McMahon - @mattmciii - The Hunk 

Paula Bloise - @labloiseart - hair + makeup + still photography 

Nicolas Alvo - @nicoalvo23 - Camera Operator 

Franklin Ricart - @franklinspov - 

Ariel Engebretson - @ariiiemoon - line producer

Gustavo Astudillo - @gustavoastudillo - line producer 


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