VMAN Exclusive: The Driver Era Gives Us The First Look Into New Song, “Places”

The American alternative musical duo is taking you “Places,” as we discuss their all-new single.

After premiering their music video for their single, “Low” on V last year, The Driver Era is back with momentum keeping them in the spotlight. Overcoming setbacks, like their World Tour being postponed due to COVID-19, their new song “Places” finds a different sense of relevancy amongst the current events of the world. VMAN caught up with brothers, Ross, and Rocky Lynch as they continue to top MTV’s most requested music video charts. Enjoy an inside look at how The Driver Era has been spending quarantine and their motivation behind, “Places,” released today.

Courtesy of MK Sadler

VMAN Your new single is called “Places” and released in a time when we’re staying at home more. What’s the significance of the song and why that name?

The Driver Era The song was written before COVID, but that seems to keep happening where we write a song and it somehow finds relevance with what’s happening in the world at the time of its release. For example, we released a song called “OMG Plz Don’t Come Around” right when the US was shutting down. 

VMAN You’ve come out with quite a few singles in the last couple of months, including “flashdrive” and “Take Me Away.” What has it been like creating music during this time and has your creativity been amplified? 

TDE It’s been back and forth. The way our lives are and what’s happening around us definitely affects the music – but I do like hiding in the studio a lot. COVID has given me plenty of opportunities to do that. 

VMANYour music has really managed to pave its own alt-rock style, what have been some of the biggest musical influences on your current music?

TDE Drake’s efficiency + Pharrell 

VMANBesides music, what have been some of your go-to activities lately? Have you tried anything new?

TDE Been playing basketball more often, that’s sorta new. Still playing hockey every chance we get. Lots of chess, and somehow poker worked its way in there too. 

VMAN With your tour kicking off next year (if the pandemic allows), can we expect more music coming out this year, maybe even an album? 

TDE You can expect a lot more music this year, for sure 🙂 

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