VMAN Fight Club With Marcus Galloway

VMAN Fight Club With Marcus Galloway

The IMG rookie from Down Under prepares for his fashion debut.

The IMG rookie from Down Under prepares for his fashion debut.

Photography: Max Papendieck


This cover story appears in the pages of VMAN41, our Spring 2019 issue, on newsstands now. 

Growing up on the rugby-dominated island of Tasmania, Marcus Galloway’s strongest link to MMA fighting was his cable connection. A lifelong athlete IRL, Galloway was captivated by TV re-broadcasts of The Ultimate Fighter—an American UFC cable spinoff that predated the sport’s stateside cache: “I was so curious; it was almost like a primal instinct.”

Since following his instincts to the more MMA-friendly Gold Coast, he’s trained six days a week—“nonstop,” says Galloway. In fights, he’s just in tune with his primal instincts: “I don’t think you ever get used to being punched in the face, but if you break down what you’re scared of, then you can avoid it. That’s how you win.”

Instinct was also the driving force behind Galloway’s newly minted IMG contract; the modeling agency signed him last year after a brief FaceTime call.

If his career can be attributed to seeing what others don’t, he returns the favor when it comes to his love of animals. “I watch where I step so I don’t kill any insects,” he says. Those who cross paths with Galloway in the ring may not be so lucky.

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