VMAN Premiere: Tourist, "Elixir"

VMAN Premiere: Tourist, "Elixir"

VMAN Premiere: Tourist, "Elixir"

The artist is back with a fresh string of tour dates, a new track, and accompanying video.

The artist is back with a fresh string of tour dates, a new track, and accompanying video.

Text: James Manso

Tourist, the UK-based, Grammy-winning producer and composer, is back with new music and a fresh tour. Following his first EP in 2012 and two full-length albums, the musician's latest single, Elixir, comes just months after the release of Everyday. "I suppose is a reaction to my most recent album," he said in a statement. "I wanted to write from a more outward looking, sensory place. Often I make music with a firm personal narrative but with all this new music the sound is the story.”

Below, VMAN chatted with Tourist to hear all about the latest video, what he's learned from his past work, and why changes of scenery make the best studios.

Tourist, by Daniella Maiorano

VMAN: This track comes on the heels of Everyday. How does this track build off of your past work? How is it similar?

TOURIST: I suppose it’s not similar to Everyday, and that was out of intention. I think Everyday sounded the way it did as a reaction to my first album “U", and this new music sounds the way it does as a reaction to Everyday. I’m not sure if I’m normal in this regard, but for whatever reason - I like my most recent work to be contra to my previous work.

VMAN: Where did the video's inspiration come from?

TOURIST: I think it came as a direct result of how I wanted my music to sound. Which was psychedelic, evolving and flowing with life. Those were the words I had given to my director friend, Dillon, who interpreted that as he did and produced something I think is beautiful. The scene with the people really gets me somehow.

VMAN: How would you describe the track in your own words, compared to your past work?

TOURIST: The love child produced as a result of my first album going on a date with my second album? Looking back - I learnt a huge number of sonic lessons with Everyday, but in doing that perhaps I disregarded my more direct tendencies. I love that with each piece of music I write, there seems to be a lesson at the core of it - and I think that this new work is me embracing some of the recent lessons I’ve learnt. At the moment, I'm writing music from a much more sensory place, one that is more about listening and immersion, not personal stories.

VMAN: Was there anything particular about the production of this track that struck you as unique? What did your creative process look like on this?

TOURIST: It started as two melodies, one written on the piano and one a vocal. I really liked the relationship between them, there’s a call and response effect that was moving to me. The rest of the work was just about trying to arrange the track to make the most of that relationship, teasing it here, changing the key, embellishing it, dropping the beats in and out. It sounds as messy as my mind is. I wrote Elixir and the rest of this music during my US tour earlier this year, so I was very much on-the-move. I’d be working on it in these little bursts, in a venue, a hotel room, an airport lounge - there’s something quite amazing about your studio changing around you and your music absorbing those changes organically.

You can check out tour dates for Tourist here. See the full video below.


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