Y-3 Releases Chapter 1 of Spring Summer 2023 Collection

“Artisan Codes of Sport” aims to blur the lines between classic sportswear and avant-garde creating

For 2022, Y-3 spent the year celebrating the two decade anniversary of the partnership between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. As they head into 2023, Y-3 is imagining what the sportswear of the future could look like. For the first chapter of their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the brand is exploring “Artisan Codes of Sport,” a concept inspired by blurring the lines between avant-garde making with classic sportswear.

For the first time in the brand’s history, the campaign for this season has been shot in Japan. The campaign, shot by Jiro Konami and Emily Okuda-Overhoff, is an ode to the street style photography that Tokyo is known for. The models are evocative of the punk spirit that has become synonymous with Yamamoto, effortlessly showing off an edge to classic sportswear.

Looking through the lens of adidas, the collection is filled with garments that reflect classic team sports, from track pants, cardigans, caps, and most notably with the classic letterman jacket. These classic silhouettes are then brushed with the sense of an artisan’s hand, with the Y-3 reimagined brushstroke logo. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the collection is made complete by the inclusion of tailored silhouettes that reflect the avant garde legacy of Yamamoto.

Y-3 is known for their footwear, constantly reimagining classic adidas silhouettes with a modern flair. For this season, the brand is focusing on sashiko, a traditional Japanese hand embroidery technique. This influence from sashiko can be seen in the threads that intentionally hang loose as well as the tonal stitching, seen in the Y-3 SUPERSTAR, Y-3 GAZELLE, as well as in a host of other classic adidas silhouettes that have been reimagined for the collection.

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