Your Top Grooming Needs for Smooth Skin for Spring 2023

All the products you need to survive the cold with beautiful skin.

Winter provides its own challenges in the beauty realm. With frigid windchills and perpetually blasting dry indoor heating, your skin can so easily become dry. Plus, with the impulse to scratch that dry skin, irritation can be challenging. This isn’t just a skincare issue: for any man grooming a beard, or even those who shave frequently, the season’s chill presents a challenge. Your wellness regimen shouldn’t be rigid; it should change with the months, adapting to weather conditions. Here are the best skincare and grooming products to make it through the winter. 


Be proactive in fighting dryness by moisturizing daily, and using a top-quality moisturizer. 

Toleriane Dermallergo Moisturizing Cream ($30.99) | La Roche Posay

Image courtesy of La Roche Posay

Cold Plasma+ Advanced Serum Concentrate ($149) | Perricone MD

Image courtesy of Perricone MD


Dry skin will crack and flake, removing that smoothness we all want. Exfoliators can get rid of that dry skin, keeping your shine. 

Daily Microfoliant ($16) | dermalogica

Image courtesy of dermalogica

Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub ($28) | Drunk Elephant

Image courtesy of Drunk Elephant


Keep your lips smooth and supple throughout those rough winter months. 

Cedar & Citrus Lip Salve ($19) | Aēsop

Image courtesy of Aēsop

BOY DE CHANEL ($38) | Chanel

Image courtesy of Chanel


Shaving can easily irritate your skin. Coupled with the dry winter, one must have a good quality shaving cream to keep skin fresh and stable. 

Musco Real Shaving Cream ($26) | Claus Porto

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

No. 141 Shaving Cream ($14.99) | MARLOWE.

Image courtesy of MARLOWE.


For those who choose to keep a beard, dry indoor heating can lead to crinkling hair and patchy textures. Keep your beard smooth with a nice oil. 

Woodland Harmony Beard Oil ($23.99) | Seven Potions

Image courtesy of Seven Potions

Le Labo Beard Oil ($63) | Le Labo

Image courtesy of Le Labo
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