Givenchy Collaborates with Graphic Artist Chito on Spring 2022 Accessories

Chito’s signature emblems and motifs will be featured on bags, shoes, and through jewelry.

Givenchy has released an exclusive collaboration of a range of different accessories with graphic designer Chito for Spring 2022.

Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams is ecstatic to be teaming up with his longtime friend for a collection of limited-edition accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry, in both his airbrushed signature designs, as well as statement-making motifs and characters like the Truehearted girl, the cartoon dog, Blue Moon, and the House’s signature 4G emblem.

Williams and Chito hope to instill empowerment through these streetwise pieces – Truehearted girl is featured on a light pink leather bag with a woven strap and graffiti-inspired hearts, while Blue Moon is on a steel blue crossbody bag that you can style anytime, anywhere. The 4G motif, spray-painted, also sports a woven strap that gives off more of an urban vibe for the crossbody bag.

Footwear is also part of the collaboration, with black Marshmallow wedges and slides with the airbrushed 4G logo, and Truehearted will be on a pair of white leather city sneakers. Chito’s signature cartoon dog will also be designed on tennis shoes available for women and men, and other cartoon faces and airbrushed stripes will be decorated on high-tops and performances shoes.

With this adaptation to take on graffiti art styles, Givenchy hopes to “create a modern hybrid take” on classic French styles.

These accessories in collaboration with Chito will be available in-store and online beginning Nov. 1, 2021. Prices will range from 395€ to 650€ for shoes and 790€ to 3990€ for bags.

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