Steven Klein’s New Age of Supermodels: Taras Romanov

Taras Romanov is among a new breed of supermodels, lensed by Steven Klein.

This story appears in VMAN 45, which is now available for pre-order and on newsstands this week.

In addition to VMAN45 cover star, Shawn Mendes as seen in the Poetry of Pop, four additional supermodels also grace the cover of this year’s winter 2020/Spring 2021 special edition. Among those, is Taras Romanov, who joins the new breed of supermodels, lensed by Steven Klein for the unique issue.

Romanov is seen below in striking Spring 2021 looks; styled by Patti Wilson in Emporio Armani, Maison Margiela, Cartier, Celine by Hedi Slimane, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and more. Read his interview to learn his thoughts on how 2020 has forced fashion houses to get more creative and view the stunning shots, below:

Taras wears top necklace Cartier Bottom necklace his own


VMAN Can you describe your experience shooting with Steven Klein?

Taras Romanov Shooting with Steven was monumental and truly inspiring. Not only is he an exceptional artist and genius behind the lens, but also a great person and larger than life. The first time I shot with Steven Klein was the coolest thing I’ve ever done on a set. To embody a character created by Steven and bring the vision to life was an incredible feeling. The second go-around was even more groundbreaking, everyone came together beautifully, and we captured an iconic moment.


Taras wears briefs Emporio Armani Boots Maison Margiela Necklace and rings Cartier


VMAN How do you think 2020 will impact the world of modeling looking forward?

TR 2020 has spurred the movement of the digital age in the industry. It has forced fashion houses to think and innovate in a challenging, different way. Models as well, to use their platforms to voice key topics and really connect with their audience. Everyone has had to adapt. Moving forward, I still believe in the everlasting magic of photography and film. Don’t fix something that’s not broken.


Taras wears jacket, briefs, boots Celine by Hedi Slimane SS21 Sunglasses Tom Ford Bracelet and rings (left hand) Cartier Ring (right hand) and necklace his own


VMAN What is your dream modeling job?

TR I would love to shoot something beautiful and captivating in Florence, my favorite city in the world.

VMAN How are you managing to stay sane amidst this year’s chaos?

TR Playing basketball or running almost every day has helped like it always has for me. Also lots of old classic films. Reinventing myself as well. Whether learning a new language & philosophy, reading stories or discovering unique cooking recipes to use for when I go back home to visit my Papa. Every day is a focus of getting better & improving, mentally & physically.



Taras wears pants and boots Givenchy SS21 Bracelet and rings (left hand) Cartier Ring (right hand) and necklace his own

VMAN Do you have a New Years resolution already?

TR Not so big on those, but of course getting back to working on film projects is a huge one for me. I miss the feeling of playing out characters & exploring scripts. Also to be fluent in Italian, would be fun.

VMAN Does Instagram still feel as important to modeling as it has before?

TR I believe the impact of it has clearly been shown this past year. It’s very much still an important platform for brands/models alike & will continue to be big as more people discover this industry.

Taras wears pans David Menkes, tank top Rufskin, top necklace Bulgari, other necklaces GLD Shop and watch, Louis Vuitton.

VMAN What’s something about modeling that most people don’t know?

TR The consistency aspect; you always have to be ready to go at any moment, when preparation meets opportunity. To maintain a high level, you have to always be ready to improvise, adapt & overcome. And also, not to get caught up in the illusion of it all. A big job is great but tomorrow is never promised. You slack & sleep on a win, you’re going to wake up with a loss. So always focus on what’s next.

VMAN If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

TR I see myself playing basketball overseas, representing my country. That, or racing sports cars along the coast of Monaco. I’ve always had such a passion for both. Maybe there’s a chance to actually do both on film, my other desire.


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