The “Jesus Is King” Trailer Is Here

A Kanye West film coming to IMAX movie theaters later this month.

Last week, Grammy Award-winning rapper, record producer and fashion designer Kanye West unveiled the trailer for his forthcoming IMAX film titled Jesus Is King.

The trailer doesn’t give away much besides the film being a divine Christian experience for the audience and Kanye himself. In the clip, the camera zooms into the light at the end of the tunnel-like structure that is Roden Crater’s installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert. A quote from the Gospel of Mark follows: “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the gospel.”

The Nick Knight-directed project is slated to “feature songs arranged by West in the gospel tradition along with new music from his forthcoming album Jesus Is King — all presented in the immersive sound and stunning clarity of The IMAX Experience.” The film is intended to complement the album, which is also yet to be released. In anticipation of his upcoming release, the rapper has been hosting his weekly Sunday Services throughout the whole year of 2019.

The film opens in select IMAX theaters around the US on October 25. Tickets can be purchased via IMAX’s specially-designed website for the project.

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