Upgrade Your Shorts This Season With These Top Styles

Upgrade Your Shorts This Season With These Top Styles

Upgrade Your Shorts This Season With These Top Styles

It’s time for the days of the thigh!

It’s time for the days of the thigh!

Text: Ahad Sanwari

Summer is pretty much on the horizon, as you’re aware. We at VMAN have been keeping you covered for the transition from the more pleasant months to those where the heat starts bearing down on you with no abandon or regard for your sanity and just sends you into a tizzy of sweats. In short, the happier times.

We’ve already given you our opinion on one of the summer staples, the tank top. But here’s our picks for what’ll help complete that outfit aka the humble pair of shorts. Bear those thighs, break out the bottles of sunscreen, and start sunning your calves, because the season of the short is upon us. Here are VMAN’s picks for some of the best shorts you could be sporting this summer.

Dior and Kenny Scharf Shorts ($1250)

Image credits: Dior

Fresh off the Dior Men’s Fall 21 collection, this piece was created in collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf, evident in the wildly bright and animated style. Not only does it stand out amid other shorts on the streets, it’s short fit and breathable inner mesh make it great for the really hot days.

Chubbies The Cherry Blossoms ($65)

Image credits: Chubbies

A polyester and spandex build for strength and flexibility? Yes. Water-resistant for poolside fun? Yes. Fun basic color options? Yes. Also, it’s easy to get sold on a piece when the website description reads, “These bad boys have a 6″ Inseam, just like your dad wore.”

DSquared2 Light Wash Denim Shorts ($570)

Image credits: DSquared2

Denim shorts have always been all the rage, and this one is no different. The light wash material and faded design is part of the class act of denim finery that adds to a completely new grunge aesthetic for summer. Combat boots, anyone?

Bonobos Lightweight Sweatshort ($59)

Image credits: Bonobos

From the garage to the marina, this sweatshort is 100% cotton and 100% cozy and airy. It’s a great pattern for a classic summer outfit with a solid button down or a cotton V-neck, a man-out-on-the-water vibe.

Loewe Moon Calendar Shorts ($690)

Image credits: Loewe

Loewe’s moon calendar shorts are more about just the cool design. They’re made of a lightweight cotton blend and are loose for the body, giving it room to breathe. Plus, it has five pockets, what more could you want out of a pair?

Z Zegna #UseTheExisting Cotton Bermuda Shorts ($445)

Image credits: Ermenegildo Zegna

The sustainable Z Zegna shorts are part of their mission towards sustainable fashion. Made of a blend of organic and recycled cotton, they even feature nylon pockets and lining that stand out from the main fabric. Now you can stay warm and eco-friendly. 


Valentino Bermuda Shorts with VLTN Times Print ($795)

Image credits: Valentino

This pair of shorts was made in Italy by a pretty high-end brand, and you can tell, given the VLTN print all over it. But the multicolored print on this comfortably fitting pair is what you call “artful branding,” and the season definitely calls for it.

Levi’s 511 Tie Dye Shorts ($50)

Image credits: Levi’s

Nothing wrong with a good pair of Levi’s, even if they’re not classic jeans. This tie dye pair is a slim fit that hugs the leg but still gives it the room to move with a nice stretch fabric. Plus the cut-off hem adds to the whole DIY appeal.

Saintwoods Resort Shorts ($300)

Image credits: Saintwoods

This pair of shorts is perfect for the resort wear get-up, as the name suggests. It’s made of a twill blend (sustainably so) and is soft to the touch and adjustable to the fit. AKA it’s your pair for a day on the tennis court or by the pool (socially distant, maybe).

Amiri Bleached Painter Shorts ($550)

Image credits: Amiri

We showed you grunge denim, but here’s rocker denim. This bleached and distressed pair of shorts is the kind of throwback to the 00s you need, carefully made of an Italian cotton denim that doesn’t just feel like sandpaper against your bare legs.


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